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With Punto and Filo you have the possibility to customize your rug in a sustainable way

Atualizado: 14 de jul. de 2020

PUNTO E FILO e Rugsis a company born from the expertise and know-how of

tradition. The deep knowledge of its products and target public has made Punto

e Filo an authority in the rugs market, and also a reference of fine taste

amongst the interior design professionals.

Their three generations background allows them to venture in textures, designs

and models, reaching a level of perfection that is visible in every produced

piece. In their production process there’s an unique balance between

technology and handmade , that in addition to their exclusive design, confirms

their commitment to being an unique brand.

The manufacturing process of the piece joins the tufting technology to an

intense manual process in the confection and finishing giving rise to hand made

and unique piece.

Punto e Filo and ECONYL® regenerated nylon

Punto e Filo uses ECONYL®regenerated yarn as the raw material for its


Their rugs are made with the highest concentration of ECONYL®yarns per

square meter, and count with a strict quality control process, made by

specialized professionals who transmit accurate techniques from generation to

generation. The finishing is another highlight of the brand, preserving the style

and granting the pieces an exclusive touch of beauty.

The vision of ECONYL®brand to make the world a better place delivering

sustainable products without any loss or qualityis the perfect partner for a

company that has the mission to be “more than rugs” but also art, design,

innovation, social responsibility and sustainability.

Art and Design in Rugs and Tapestries Rugs are much more than decorative pieces.

They mark spaces, convey feelings and give personality to rooms. With that concept in mind,

Punto e Filo works hard to offer a product that truly stands out, keeping up with the latest

trends, compromising with a sustainable raw material like the ECONYL®

regenerated nylon for making the world a better place and creating pieces in

which design and quality complete each other.

These are unique rugs, made with a wide array of styles, textures and drawings,

which allows the creation of the ideal atmosphere for each space. The graphics

and patterns are veritable artworks, providing a touch of boldness to the rooms

they are in.

Art and design are present in all the pieces. The collections of rugs and

tapestries has the trace of their authors:  Alfredo Barbosa de Oliveira, Antonio

Ferreira Jr., Giorgio Bonaguro, Latoog (Leo Lattavo e Pedro Moog), Rodrigo

Ohtake e Zanine de Zanini.

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